If you do NOT know me read this

You are probably reading this because you met me at a social engagement and was interested in something I did, or some business I was involved in. Not to spoil the fun, but if I was drunk I probably promised more engagement than I can afford to give. Don't give up hope though, I usually speak the truth unless you are an asshole, in which case I will say about anything my heart desires at the moment. Normally I don't give my card to assholes, so rest assured I was more than likely being earnest with you. Contact me like you said you were going to. Come on now, enough messing around.


If you DO know me read this

STOP! if you don't know me don't read this. I am taking you on your honor that you will stop at the end of this sentence.


If you know me you know I am a ball buster and show affection by picking and insulting you in the most humorous way I know how, but in all comedy the silver lining of truth exists. If you are reading this and don't really know me, the next time we meet I am going to look you in the eye and say, bluebird, and I will know if you read this by the look in your eyes. Hopefully you haven't made it this far and have to go through that awkward moment with me.







Label Peelers Inc

211 Cherry St

Kent, OH 44240



Aha! Wireless

137 East Ave #34

Tallmadge, OH 44278



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If you owe me money you can give it back to me right here

You might have noticed I put pleasure before business on the tabs of this page. Living with this methodology has made the hours of the day a very enjoyable experience. I let my pleasure guide me, it never fails to lead me in interesting directions. So far I have,


  • Learned a handful of musical instruments and the ability sing to a level people paid me to play them like it was a job.
  •  Finished my hours to be a cosmetologist but never bothered getting a license.
  • Been programming computers since I was 8.
  • Taught myself graphic design and typography.
  • Own multiple business in areas I found pleasing to do.
  • Am an accomplished glass blower.
  • Make my own beer and wine
  • Hunt edible wild mushroom
  • Ride my bike ungodly distances
  • Ultra-light backpacking
  • I'm also so good I don't have to brag.


In the pursuit of following my pleasure it has lead me into all kinds of unpleasurableness. It has also made me financially secure and a very flexible entrepreneur.


The Gewgaw Institute

Oh the tangled webs we weave. Yes I own www.AdobeFlashPlayer.com. Yes I make money monthly with it. No, it is not for sale. I love to build and create and I loved building these businesses. I still love building these businesses. My sons get to watch me fervently sitting in front of my computer (mission control) working and taking breaks to wipe butts and make lunch. It's a good life, I am very blessed.

Adam Simms